Former Committe

Clare Baars
Sue Giovanni - Secretary
Örn Greif - Treasurer
Adrian Hill
Peter Hore  - Chair
Jules Hussey
Ray Sacks

Previous members

Karl Richter
Gemma Pettman
Patricia Trembath
Peter Austin
The Friends of Crystal Palace Subway was a constituted community group who coordinated a community-led initiative to make access to Crystal Palace Subway safer and to open it for community use. In 2016 works were completed to install a new gate, hand rails and safety rails on the Southwark side of the subway. In the following 3 years 14,898 people have visited the subway.
The Friends of Crystal Palace Subway's campaign began in the autumn of 2010 when two local residents, Karl H Richter and Rolf Peruzzo, began discussions with Bromley Council and other local stakeholders to explore how to reopen the subway.
Over the years the subway managed to inspire people and capture their imaginations so it wasn’t hard to find an enthusiastic group to help with this project. A small steering group of volunteers and sponsors was formed to support and promote the project and this was formally constituted as the Friends of Crystal Palace Subway in 2013.​​​​​​​
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